Looking for the perfect student accommodation? Then here are a few tips for beginning your search:

Your priorities

First and foremost, consider your priorities, do you want to be in the thick of things, with fellow students nearby and opportunities to socialise on your doorstep or do you prefer peace and quiet. Would you like to be on campus, in a shared student house or to live somewhere independently?

The crux of the matter is whether you’d rather have your own front door and autonomy over your domain or conversely, whether you like the idea of pitching in and sharing accommodation with other students.

Location is key

Wherever possible, take your time in selecting your student accommodation and familiarise yourself with the area before making your final choice. Ideally, visit the location more than once, on different days of the week and at different times of day, so you build up a genuine feel for the area. Any given location can be very different on a quiet Sunday morning compared with the rush hour during the week or on a busy Friday or Saturday evening.

Advice is on hand

Advice is available from your university’s accommodation office and from professional letting agencies too, both of whom will have extensive experience of assisting students in finding suitable accommodation, so make the most of it. Talk to current students about their recommendations for good accommodation in the area as well, but don’t lose sight of your own preferences.

Background research

Conduct a little background research of your own into the area, look online to see how your preferred location is perceived in online chatter and reviews; search local news websites to see how the area is reflected in the press. This research is not definitive, but it is likely to give you an indication if there are any serious problems in the area.

Your budget

Making the best use of your budget is the key to finding the perfect student accommodation, so when looking at accommodation and the associated charges, be sure you know precisely what is included in that charge in terms of household bills and maintenance. Also, look at the practicalities of the location, will you incur additional costs, like those associated with running a car or travelling by public transport – or will you walk or cycle to your lectures.

So there you have a few tips for finding the best possible student accommodation. At Swayes Estates, we assist numerous students in the Newcastle area in finding the perfect accommodation, contact us today for help with your search, call 0191 226 1313.